folding sawhorse, folded for storage 135x109Stable – Strong – Lightweight folding sawhorse set up for use135x107
Compact When Folded 
–  Full Size In Use

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1,200 lb Capacity  –  Eco Friendly
 Sawhorses Made in USA  –  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


sawhorse beams supported by hide-a-horse folding sawhorses

  1. CARRY 2 in 1 HAND:  Compact, Lightweight Design and Flexible Handle make it easy to carry two folded saw horses in one hand.
  2. STABLE & STRONG WORK SUPPORT:  This folding saw horse feels as stable and rigid as non foldable sawhorses. These sawhorses DO NOT WOBBLE!
  3. TRANSPORTS & STORES EASILY:  Our folding sawhorses fit almost anywhere in your truck, car, shop, or house. Stack, stand on end, or hang on a wall.
  4. SAFER THAN METAL:  Cutting into this sawhorse will not damage your blade. Wood sawhorses are not electrically conductive. No sharp metal edge to cut you.
  5. CLAMP RECEPTIVE BEAM: Easily clamp a work piece to the sawhorse T-beam for safety and accuracy. The beam top is solid Maple!
  6. HIGH QUALITY with PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE Our Folding Sawhorse is c-clamp receptive Easily clamp a work piece to this folding sawhorse for safety and accuracy.
  7. 35 in. BEAM HOLDS LARGE WORK PIECES:   40 inch beam on our tall sawhorses.
  8. ECO FRIENDLY:  98% renewable;  2% recyclable  materials. 
  9. MADE IN USA:  Folding sawhorses that keep Americans working.


Dave with 2 lightweight folding saw horses

After 5 years I still love these sawhorses and use them almost every day!! The combination of strength and stability in such a light weight, compact foldable sawhorse still amazes me. I’ve tried nearly every folding saw horse available, and HideAHorse sawhorses are the best by far – no doubt.

— Dave Tremeloni, DT Metals, Cottonwood, AZ



folding sawhorse comparison, light weight, stable, compact, Comp table, modified a 17.5-4


don deflavis likes portable sawhorses for table saw standsWe use my HideAHorse foldable sawhorses almost every day. They’re very stable and professional. They also make a great fold-up table saw stand that is easy to transport.

Really great sawhorses!

— Don DeFlavis
Don DeFlavis Construction, Bonita Springs, FL

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Our Folding Sawhorses have HARDWOOD Beam Tops!

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Easy Setup, Store Anywhere Sawhorse Desks, Portable Workbenches

We make strong, stable folding sawhorses that are used to create portable workbenches for people using hand tools, circular saws, table saws, or other power tools. These sturdy, collapsible saw horses also makes great sawhorse desks, portable tables for craft work,  portable saddle racks, or folding exhibit tables, and are excellent for refurbishing and remodeling projects. Professionals and home do-it-yourself people appreciate the high quality craftsmanship, lightweight characteristics, and compact, space saving storage size. If you want to make portable folding tables or work benches, these features make our collapsible sawhorses the best choice for the job. Actually, it is the only foldable saw horse priced below $150 that combines even seven of the important features listed at the top of this page. We use our foldable saw horses to make portable tables and work benches in the production shop because they are as stable as non folding sawhorses and allow the flexibility to easily disassemble the work benches when not needed.

Our lightweight folding saw horses are easy to carry It’s this easy to carry 2 folding sawhorses in 1 hand with their comfortable handle and compact shape!

We take great pride in a job well done,  so each HideAHorse foldable saw horse is assembled by hand and checked for smooth operation before packaging. Product quality and customer satisfaction are important to us.
HideAHorse is a division of Benchmark Industries, located in Cottonwood, AZ.  Contact us by email or phone at 928-284-5015.


You may return your Hide-A-Horse folding sawhorses within 90 days of purchase for repair or replacement if you receive a unit with defects of materials or workmanship. Knots are a normal occurrence in wood & are not considered a defect unless they are loose and in an area that can cause structural failure. See terms and conditions for details.

These saw horses are very nice and just as advertised as far as quality and strength. I threw out my old traditional built ones because they just take up too much space.

— James L., Horsham, PA

About the Inventor…

Inventor of portable folding sawhrosesI wholeheartedly believe HideAHorse is the best folding sawhorse available, and I’m confident you’ll agree once you use one.

The concept grew from my frustration at being unable to find a lightweight, compact, folding saw horse that I could take to and from job sites.  As a carpenter, I also wanted it to be as stable as a non folding sawhorse, very strong and durable, and, if possible, look professional.

At first, I assumed I would be able to find what I needed at the building supply or hardware stores. What I found was a heavy collapsible metal sawhorse, a clumsy sheet metal model, unsatisfactory sawhorse brackets, and many flimsy, plastic sawhorses. On one shopping trip a passing customer remarked, “If you’re looking for good heavy duty sawhorses, you will have to invent some.” I scoured the Internet in search of suitable sawhorses and still found nothing acceptable.

It became clear that in order to get what I wanted I would have to learn how to build sawhorses. The full development process took about two-and-a-half years. Early on I realized that my sawhorse plans required a device to hold the legs on the beam while allowing them to change angles as they travel from a folded to “set up” position. Of course, other operational factors came into play, but that was the nexus. Thus, HideAHorse Sawhorses was born.

The wooden design has an old-school quality, look, and feel, while still incorporating modern and innovative functionality. With a weight capacity of 1100 pounds, HideAHorse is perfect for the professional carpenter, drywall hanger, welder, painter, woodcrafter or handyman. Since it weighs in at only 7 1/2  pounds, it’s the best choice for temporary craft tables, portable tables for trade shows or do-it-yourselfers, and anyplace portable workbenchs are needed.  It even makes a great saddle rack.

I’m thrilled every time I use my HideAHorse sawhorses, and I’m sure you’ll be just as pleased with them.

Mike Taron's signature

President of HideAHorse

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Portable Saddle Rack, saw horse saddle stand Our folding sawhorse makes a great portable saddle rack for shows, events, and storage.

What we mean by Eco-Friendly

Every foldable  sawhorse we produce  is made with lumber and plywood from U.S. timber sources. Timber is a renewable natural resource unlike plastic, which is made from oil. The small amount of metal parts,  webbing handles, and velcro strap are recyclable. Additionally, Hide-A-Horse saw horses are sustainably produced in the U.S. So whether you’re using our sawhorses to build portable folding tables to use as work benches at the job site or as temporary garage work benchs, you can feel good knowing you are contributing to a healthy environment.

Proudly Manufactured and Made in the USA

At HideAHorse all materials used in our foldable saw horses are sourced in the USA. All cut out, fabrication, and assembly is done in the USA. In addition, we make every effort to obtain the raw materials as close to our production sites as possible in order to reduce fuel consumption in transportation.

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