New Technology Fire Extinguisher that is Non-Toxic, Inexpensive, Small and Powerful

In case you’re as dedicated to safety as my family is, as well as intending that everything we buy is environmentally friendly, you’ve probably looked at your current fire extinguisher hoping you’ll never have to rely on it. There are accounts of how toxic they are or the contents having leaked out so it didn’t put out the fire. Also, it’s exorbitant to get it recharged.

I go to because you can always get your money back in case it’s not what you wanted or there’s a defect. Also, you get your order fast. Anyway I was there buying something a few days ago and this fire extinguisher discount was on the side. I’m happy that I chose to buy it.

I purchased just because it’s so different. It is safe to breathe, can’t screw up my electronics, isn’t heavy, puts out every kind of fire and is green technology.

I am sincerely impressed at how the company cares by following up. They wanted to know if I got it, if it was in good shape and ways to get help right away with queries. The company also gave some easy ideas on where to put it and FAQs I didn’t think about asking. I feel confident that this company is solid and has new and innovative product.

So I’m going to get at least a few more. (Since it’s good enough for ISS, I need another one for my house.) And I think I’ll give them as presents during the holidays.

If you worry about the security of your family like me, grab one for your house and see how great this is. Then, tell me what you think. I’m confident you’ll be happy too!

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The ISS (the international space station) had a challenge. The current fire extinguishers were massive, deadly, and had to be exchanged and checked.

So this innovative, environmentally safe fire extinguishing technology was invented to eliminate all those challenges. It has fifty-four international patents and safety cerifications from all over the world! It eliminates the need for CO2, powder & foam extinguishers.

Being 70-80% smaller than conventional counterparts, it weighs less than 2 pounds and mounts in tight spaces. It needs no maintenance. It has a silicon membrane insulating layer so it can’t burst, even in extreme heat.

But the most important aspect is, it has no toxic ingredients and is used in computer rooms all over the world because it won’t hurt electronics.

How to Build a Good Quality Deck

A deck is certainly a great addition to a property. This additional space increases the value of your property. Unlike the other rooms in your home, the deck has to endure exposure to natural elements. Written here are several considerations that could help you build a deck that can last for many, many years and one that fits your lifestyle best.

1. Size of the Deck
Think about how you’ll use the deck and decide on the deck’s size based on your needs. Remember that no material for decking is absolutely maintenance free, so constructing a very big deck means spending much time maintaining a space you don’t use. Also, the deck’s size has architectural implications. Your contractor, architect, or engineer must size the pier footings, joists, and beams so the deck meets structural requirements and becomes stable.

Also, note that adding square footage to it will also increase the number of footings you must dig. Over-sizing your deck even by 2 feet in a certain direction will require one extra row of footings. Talk to your designer regarding the deck’s structural implications so that you would be able to have a deck that is the perfect size for your household at the right price.

2. Access to the Deck
The more challenging it is to get to the deck, the less you’ll use it for sure. A sliding door could be left open if there is a screen panel installed to keep all insects out. If your deck plan needs doors that swing outward. Make sure you check your screen options before finalizing your decision.

3. Decking Material
There are certain species of wood that hold up well as a material for decking. Redwood and cedar have natural properties that could resist the elements. Pressure-treated lumber is a soft wood that has been chemically treated to make it resistant to exposure outdoors. The arsenic which was used before isn’t used anymore in pressure-treating wood. Merbau, Yellow Balau, Spotted Gum, Silvertop Ash, and Iron Bark are examples of good wood species for constructing decks.

4. Safety Features
Unless your deck is constructed at grade level, you’ll need to incorporate railings. There are measurements to keep in mind. Limit the space between the horizontal slats and balusters to less than four inches. Most codes for building decks allow a railing height to be between 36 and 42 inches. But bear in mind that a railing that’s 36 inches in height will encourage people to sit on it, defeating its purpose.

If you need help building your deck or are looking for quality decking materials, check out Serano Timber by clicking on the given link.

Premium Magnetic Screen Door New Design at The Cheapest Price

If you are anything like me, then I am pretty sure you have tried low-cost magnetic screen doors or fly screens that are not man enough for the task. It seems like every summertime I have to buy a new magnetic screen door that alway seems to end up being scrap.

Given that I am a fan of Amazon due to the fact of the fast shipping and they have a really comforting money-back warranty that ensures you are always satisfied with your purchase, I thought I would buy a MegaMesh magnetic screen door from them. It ended up being a terrific choice. Not only was I able to get a quality magnetic screen door (it is a really premium product) for a great cost, but also what actually impressed me was the truly good customer support I got and the speed in which they shipped my order. They checked that I 'd got the product and more importantly, they gave me a lot of fantastic tips on how to keep bugs and mosquitoes out of the house with a free e book.

Possibly I have simply had rotten luck in the past with online orders, but I have never been so pleased with a little purchase like this in the past. It really does what it's supposed to. If you are in the marketplace for a premium magnetic screen door that actually lasts, I encourage you to click the link below to buy yours now and see for yourself. If you choose to
try them out, let me know your thoughts, I am sure you will certainly be more than pleased!

The Secret To A Bug Free Home
Do you sweat in the house in the summertime with the doors shut to keep bugs out?
Are you getting bitten by mosquitos in your very own home?
Are you worried about dangerous chemicals in repellants that your family use?

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Unrivalled Quality.

Strong magnets sewn in, to offer seamless automatic closure.
High quality micro mesh keeps the tiniest bugs out.
Easy install bug screens have been developed to stay up and stand up to heavy traffic.

Multiple Uses.

Can be made use of in all houses for efficient pest control.
Great for use in RVs.
Fits easily where swing doors can not fit.

Benefits of Mega Mesh.

Magnetic hands-free entry.
Pet friendly access.
The low-priced means to economically cool your home.
Defense for your family from invading bugs.
Easy installation.
Optional push-pin fixings included.

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Premium Magnetic Screen Door Made to the Highest Quality by Easy Install.
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