Construction Tape Measure – Ergonomic Design Saves Your Body

Revealing Handgun Pac 3-in-1 Measuring tape made for carpentry and home construction jobs. Many tape measures at construction job sites are based on designs from the late 1800’s. Now you can have a contemporary measuring tape with built in chalk line and a light, with a handgun grip. You will immediately notice your work got easier, and you can produce even more each day.

Task sites are tough on carpenter’s bodies. All that raising bending, and operating devices takes it’s toll over time. t It is very important you take care of yourself, and use every labor conserving gadget to make your work easier.

The Handgun Pac 3-in-1 measuring tape is a really practical device for reducing tension and strain on your system.

Can a much better made measuring tape really leave you feeling better at the end of the day?
Created by a carpenter who wanted to minimize wear and tear on his body. The outcome is this rugged measuring tape, ergonomically made to minimize strain on your back, wrist, hand, and eyes. Feel better at the end of the day; less beat up, aching, and tired. It will help you move much faster and get even more done with less effort.
The trademarked handgun grip lets you lug the measure easily with 2 or 3 fingers. Gripping a conventional large measure needs muscle and pressures tendons and ligaments in your wrist, hand, and lower arm. You will be surprised how much better you feel due to the handgun grip.
Operating the thumb lock needs half the effort conventional measures need. The easy brake switch is best where your thumb sits normally.
The built-in 50′ snap chalk line is easily removable, consisting of an efficiently running reel. and the chalk refill port ahead makes refilling easy. The built-in light illuminates your measure, so you get easy, accurate measurements even in those dark corners and closets.
Huge, clear tape markings include no-thought-required labels on each of the eighths, and brilliant red 16 inch marks.
The steel tape is high quality, with a magnetic tape head protected by 3 steel rivets, for many years of precision.

The case is made from rugged ABS that can take a whipping.

You will never cut yourself with the effective tape return, because your fingers are nowhere near the rewinding steel tape.
Over 5,000 of these have been sold at fairs and trade shows, because people enjoy them.

You will desire these for your whole team, so order a couple today to get complimentary shipping!

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Save Lots of Money and Electricity with the Efergy E2 Wireless Electric Monitor

My power bill used to sneak up on me and ambush me at the end of each month! How on earth could my bill get so high so swiftly? I had no earthly idea. I became aware that the electric company does not want me to be aware of how much electrical energy that I am using at any single time. They don't want me to recognize how much my appliances actually cost. If I comprehended the actual cost of each appliance I could then choose if I wanted to incur that expenditure…. or opt out by pulling the plug. Until I knew the actual expenditure of each appliance however, I don't have the price data I needed to understand and take control of my energy bill.

Once I got the Efergy E2 whole house electric power monitor I was able to easily see how much my energy usage was and which appliances were the main villans. I was able to recognize wasted energy and vampire loads that were almost doubling my monthly energy bill. I immediately turned off our old refrigerator in the garage (very wasteful, and not used much anyway) and a DVD player that we had continually running. Getting rid of just those two energy hogs from our monthly bill we instantly saved almost 25% per month (and for each ensuing month as well).

We now have the data we need to enable us to make wise electric power usage decisions.  Imagine how confused we would be if we went food shopping daily at the grocery store, but only got our bill 1 time per month (after the fact).   This energy monitor saves me money, but more importantly, gives me a sense of security knowing that I am not giving up any of our well earned money.

Since I am such a enormous supporter of Amazon .com ( I love the quick shipping plus they have a really soothing money-back warranty that ensures you are always happy with your purchase ) , I decided I would give them a try with this and whoa did it turn out to be a terrific choice . Not only was I able to get a high grade energy monitor for a great price, but what really impressed me was the fantastic follow up they had ensuring that I received my monitor, and more significantly (to me anyway ) they gave me a lot of fantastic tips for how to save even more cash on my power bills. I was able to easily  unearth and find the energy hog appliances that were the in the house.   Our monthly expenses were very easily about 25% smaller without it even having an impact on our lifestyle.   Simply by tracking down and killing those energy hogs.  What a  wonderful feeling! 

Quite likely it is just me, but I have truly never been so impressed with a purchase like this before and if you are looking for a way to conserve big on your electric utility bill then I encourage you to just click the link below to order yours now and discover for yourself . If you decide to try it out , let me know your thoughts , I am sure you will be more than satisfied!

Ascertain and trim down the size of your carbon footprint with the Efergy E2 Wireless Electrical Monitor. The large, easy to read LCD screen constantly displays electrical power, price and estimated CO2 emissions, as well as historical and average data.

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Window Blinds Shopping Tips

Window coverings such as shutters, shades, and window blinds offer sunlight control, noise reduction, privacy, and they also increase the aesthetic value any room in a house or office. They can be bought in various textures, materials, styles, and colours. They are certain types that could help save energy. Without enough information regarding window blinds, shopping for the right one for your property could be overwhelming. So here are some tips to purchasing window blinds:

1. Consider your room: Before thinking about the ornamental sides of window blinds, take into account how and where you will install them. If you’re installing them in a family space with a impressive view with lots of sun rays, consider those with UV and glare features like sheers and shades to protect furniture pieces and keep a room from overheating. For sliding doors and French doors in the kitchen, consider vertical blinds. A bathroom requires privacy and something that can resist moisture, so consider faux wood, PVC, faux wood, or aluminum window blinds that won’t rot, crack, or warp.

2. Match the area’s style. Traditional or modern, ornate or simple, the style you want to opt for is the one that will match the style of the area. If you want the blinds to be the focus point of the room, go with brightly coloured window blinds. If you want the window blinds to simply blend into the background, get simple ones.

3. Keep pets and young children safe. The hazards presented by lead paint, loose headrails, wand controls, and lift cords have been immensely reduced because of new innovations in the design. Product developments like cord tensioners, retractable lift cords, and motorized systems offer better animal and child safety, and ease of use. Advancement in window blinds technology like remote controls and computer software apps allow you to open and close blinds from anywhere, offering safety and convenience to a new level.

4. Take into consideration the ease of cleaning. Most window blinds do not require frequent cleaning. Any type of blinds will gather dust, but with the new anti-static treatment, the amount of dust has been immensely minimized. Regular light dusting or vacuuming will help keep window blinds looking nice for a significant length of time. Some types of window blinds with sensitive fabric are more suitable for professional cleaning techniques.

5. Let an expert measure and install the window blinds. Measurements for blinds are crucial. If you have many windows or you have big ones that are in places that are hard to reach, measurements for the blinds can be a hard thing to do. It’s in your best interest to leave this task to a professional. Also, installing the blinds must be be left with a specialist.

If you are looking for specialists in custom made or ready made window blinds, visit Westcoast blinds. You can also follow this link to learn more tips about window blinds.