Securing Outside Mount Window Blinds

Outside mount blinds are perfect for windows which have no window depth or has a little of it. So, less flat space is required for outside mount window.

Fixing window seems a complex task to some, however if you know the steps in mounting outside mount blinds, the task will be simple. Basically, the mount blinds should be fixed on the window’s outer opening which is connected to the window frame. For a detailed guide in mounting your outside blinds, follow the steps bellow.

Step 1: Measure the Exterior Border of Your Window
With a tape measure and a pencil, measure the width of the outside edges of your window beginning from the top frame, to the middle and then down the bottom area. Take note of each measurement on paper.

Fit the blinds into the frame of your window and then measure again the size of the frame from side to side. To achieve uniformity, round off your measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch.

Step 2: Measure the Height and Dimensions of your Window
Measure the height of the window’s outside border along the middle and then to the right and left sides. Note all measurements and determine which part needs more length of the blinds. And then finally, on the top portion of the window frame, place your blinds. Acquire the outside mount dimension which is intended for the blinds. For most kinds of blinds, about 1 and 1/2 inch overlap along every side is required, therefore three inches must be added to the recorded measurement.

Step 3: Secure your Outside Mount Blinds
Placing the blind brackets into the window is usually the most tricky task in fixing the blinds up. Lengthen the mount blinds. Measure the dimensions of your blinds and then verify if it will fit perfectly in the window. Two inches or the exact measurement of the frame to which the brackets are attached must be added to the previously recorded measurements.

Remember, when securing outside mount blinds, there is a need to add up extra height and width to your mount blinds. Adding extra dimensions will provide you with a well-covered window. Another thing to remember regarding outside mount blinds is to only get blinds that could sit close enough to the surface of your wall so that less amount of light will enter a given area in your house.

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YARILO 100 bulbs Solar Charged Mini String Lights for Indoor and Wedding

Decorating with solar lights is one of the most rewarding things you can do to make your home and yard outstanding. The easiest way to make a quick and attractive decoration is using a Christmas lights lights. Those could be used outside or inside and they just need a daylight to work.

A few years ago I saw a string solar Charged Fairy Xmas lights for the first time and was impressed with convenience of solar lights. That day my friends put solar Charged Fairy Xmas lights on bushes on their front yard. Next day I was taking a walk and noticed no electric wires from lights to house. In about an hour (it was almost dark) Fairy Stringwere lit up, but I didn't found any wires again. Imagine how surprised I was! I use to spend hours every year to put wires neatly in my yard then hours to put them away until next year.

Next day the mystery was revealed – they were the SOLAR Charged lights. No extension cords, automatically turning ON and OFF, with solar charged batteries working on solar power! My friends explained me how they work and I fell in love with solar lights forever.

YARILO Solar Charged Fairy Xmas Lights.
Solar Charged Fairy Xmas Home and Wedding Light
10m 100LEDs, total 11.9M long
1000mAh 1.2V Ni-MH battery 2V, 150mA solar panel
lights color: Warm White
wire Color: Dark green

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Advantages of Having Lattice Fences

Modern lattice fences are ideal for balcony, garden walls or spa pens. Such type of fence looks elegant and offers privacy. Look for the tighter model if you really want maximum privacy. Compared to the regular lattice design, the stretched weave can make it a bit hard for people to look inside your property.

The open weave style has bigger designs. These may not totally block the view of your garden. However, the fence looks very exquisite. This type of fence is frequently used in balconies and gardens so vines can climb to the top. There’s another category known as the topper type. It’s an excellent choice for people who love the looks of lattice and like a little privacy at the same time. It is fabricated from long boards and placed on top of the fence. This can also be used for building sun decks or plant boxes.

The spindle lattice fence is popular among homeowners. It does not contain any crisscross. Spindles produce a vertical design making it unique but it does not provide high level of privacy. Unfinished wood is also great for lattice fences. Unfinished refers to raw or untreated but high quality wood boards. From here, you can come up with any finish you want.

Common materials include Birch, Cedar, and Redwood. The timber could be painted or stained. It looks natural even if it’s painted or stained. Wooden lattice also has many advantages. One is you can easily attach embellishment to timber. The material is less expensive. Besides, this is a natural product that’s which is environment friendly compared with vinyl. Wood can also be a durable outdoor supply.

Lattice made from vinyl can sometimes be a better option than wood. It is relatively robust. Likewise, choice of colours will not be a problem. The downside of vinyl is that it lacks resistance against rotting, molds, and mildew. It needs regular upkeep and maintenance. Over time, vinyl will crack and is not as eco-friendly as timber.

The lattice fencing is great for concealing unpleasing views and makes your home look more attractive. It can also serve as a shade for the outdoor veranda. This is more economical instead of using a roof with all inherent benefits that the roofing material provides. Lattice ensures protection against too much sunlight while keeping a good air circulation.
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