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Folding Sawhorse is c-clamp receptive

No other foldable sawhorse lets you clamp work so easily and securely to it.

sawhorse folding leg opposing angles create stability

These opposing traverse leg angles create very good stability in our folding sawhorses. These sawhorses do not wobble.



folded folding sawhorses occupy very little space in work van.

Multiple sawhorses are easily stored and transported in mini van leaving space for other tools.

Folding Sawhorse Stand for portable table saw work table.

Stable enough to handle precision “table saw” duty. Great for portable craft tables and folding sawhorse desks.


folding saw horse workbench for craft tools.

Portable, folding craft work bench for mounting craft tools .

maintenance shop now owns many Hide-A-Horse folding sawhorses.

This university maintenance dept has accumulated 14 HideAHorse folding sawhorses.




These foldable sawhorses occupy very little space in the trunk of a car

Two Hide-A-Horse folding sawhorses are easily transported in the trunk of this compact car.

Folding Saw Horse Desk

Sawhorses used for temporary or portable folding sawhorse desk or craft table that is easy to store in a small closet.








Folding sawhorse made of hardwood for folding table stand.

This “Table Model” has only a 4 degree traverse leg angle, which creates a smaller footprint. These are nice for desks and dining tables. Custom order. Please call or email to inquire.

sawhorse desk

Custom Hide-A-Horse hardwood saw horses for desks or tables.



Watch the Fast Setup Video.       Click Here.

2 folding saw horses in 1 hand

Two sawhorses are easily carried in one hand to your work site.

folding saw horse legs being sanded to insure smooth feel and operation.

Folding sawhorse legs being sanded to insure smooth operation for every HideAHorse sawhorse.


Hide-A-Horse portable folding sawhorses serve as temporary workshop table.

Our folding sawhorses make a strong, stable workbench, but easily fold up out of the way when not needed.






close up of folding sawhorse leg mechanism

Isolated view of hardwood beam top. Maple is used because it is very stable and durable. The small piece between the legs is also maple.