Folding Sawhorse Reviews

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Customer comments about our foldable saw horses

Our shop restores and builds pipe organ components.  I’ve included a couple of pictures of us working on organ chests on Hide-A-Horse saw horses.  We’ve had bad luck with the plastic and metal saw horses from “big-box” hardware stores.  Other sawhorses are too cumbersome to set up and move.  We do a lot of sanding on the horses, and other ones sway lots.  Hide-A-Horse sawhorses are  simple to set up and sturdy-as-a-rock! We have now purchased a total of 14 HideAHorses for the shop.

— John Riester, Norman, OK

These saw horses are light and easy to set up and durable, too. I pulled my job box  full of tools, out of my truck and slid it off the tailgate onto these horses. (Just the right height) There they sat most of the winter in the weather. Two years later they have grayed a bit but work just like new. Nice Design!

–Ray Griswold,

I just wanted to say thank you for producing this saw horse.  I too found the options for sawhorses disappointing . One clever builder and inventor has the drive to make something better…. I appreciate it profoundly and want to extend my gratitude.

–Sincerely, Jacob Chavez, Designer-Builder

I saw these saw horses at show and tell at my woodworking club and at first dismissed them as too expensive. Then I bought a set of $40 plastic folding saw horses and  threw them away about 4 months later. I also threw away several other plastic saw horses purchased over the last few years. I bought these and, wow, what a difference. They are stable. They are strong. They are environmentally friendly. And best of all, they are repairable over time if needed.

–Amazon Review

folding sawhorse craft tool stand, work station

Portable foldable craft tool stand

More work done today on my new carving stand including a way to power hone my tools for those scary sharp edges that cut wood as if it were butter.  See the picture at the left.

My carving stand was built using a “Hide-A-Horse”, lightweight (7lbs) folding saw horse. I love it, it sets up in seconds but folds up into a very small package easy to store under a bed or in a closet.

–Karin Corbin @ Karin Corbin Miniatures 

I am a happy customer who is totally delighted with this folding sawhorse. It is very light but strong and stable. Folds up in seconds and takes very little space to store, far less than any other saw horse on the market.
The design of the top makes it easy to clamp to and it is perfect for attaching tops to mount things on it such as miter saws, bench hooks, lightweight bench top drill press, laptop computer support, etc. This is a great foundation for a portable workshop system for a home hobby or for use at a construction site.

–Amazon Review

I absolutely hate my plastic saw horses, but for my DIY needs and space-tight apartment living, the ability to fold flat is more important than a high weight capacity. If only I’d heard of these saw horses first, I could’ve had it both ways…(For the whole write up, click the Core77 link below.)

Core77 Design Magazine and Resource.

I received my HideAHorse Folding Sawhorse set yesterday and got to use them this morning for the first time… and they are awesome!
Extremely sturdy and well-made, they unfold and re-fold very easily and are so sturdy they didn’t move a millimeter when I dropped a sheet of 3/4 plywood on them. I’ll order another set within the month and protect both with CederShield so they’ll last forever.
Thanks to Todd and especially to HideAHorse!

–A happy customer

I received my Hideahorse sawhorses.  What an incredible design!  Like the proverbial better mousetrap you have invented a better sawhorse.  The design is ingenious.

— Carl S., Berwyn, IL

I love your sawhorse design – and even more so now that I’ve tried it. This is a sawhorse, everything else is a saw donkey.

–Rob D., Buffalo, NY