Split System Air Conditioning vs. Window Type Air Conditioning

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When it is sweltering outside, going inside a cold air conditioned room gives you instant relief and for the moment, unparalleled pleasure. Except for the occasional centralized air conditioning, most residential homes use window type or split air conditioners. Some may choose to go for window-type air conditioners because it is more convenientthis usually happens when it is a small room with a prior hole near the window that is specifically for that purposewhile others go for split system air conditioning because of its many advantages.

Split air conditioners are used to cool small to medium-sized spaces. It normally consists of two units namely the air handler and the condenser. The air handler is stored indoors while the condenser is outside. You can hook up a single air handler to the condenser. You can also hook multiple air handlers up to just one condenser while cooling different areas in your home. Here are three more reasons why you should invest in split air conditioners.

It does not require duct work or renovations to your space.
Window types may be less expensive, but they are also limited to areas near the window, which can ruin your interior decoration. If you are installing a window type air conditioner for the first time, you will definitely have to create a hole on your wall big enough to accommodate it, too. You do not need a hole in the wall for split system air conditioning, however, you may require help from a professional so you do not accidentally start an electrical fire. Sure, it is tempting to go at it the DIY way, but if you are not an electrician or an HVAC technician, you could be setting yourself up for trouble down the line.

It is not that noisy.
One key distinction between a split air conditioner and window type one is that the former has its condenser outside where you cannot hear the noise. Window type aircons have the condenser, the one that makes the loud noise, inside the main unit. This is the main reason why split types have steady hum while window types have vibrations that can wake up the dead. If the humming sound still bothers you though, you can also install sound barriers and fences.

It is energy efficient.
If there are areas where cold air and hot air can leak in and out of the room, the space becomes inefficient in maintaining the desired temperature. Cooling the space can be harder and longer for the air conditioner to do. Window type and centralized air conditioning are notorious for allowing hot air to escape through ducts and gaps in the wall, making it less energy efficient than split types.

You can consult with an HVAC expert in Air Conditioning Brisbane if this will be a problem. split system air conditioners are energy efficient, quiet, and not hard to install. One way to ensure that your split system air conditioners is optimized for your space is to get help from an HVAC technician.

YARILO 100 LED bulbs Solar Charged Tiny Xmas Lights for Indoor and Wedding

Decorating with solar lights is one of the most rewarding things you can do to make your home and outdoor decor gorgeous. The easiest way to make a fast and attractive decoration is using a solar fairy lights lights. Those could be used outside or indoor and they just need a sunlight to work.

A few years ago I saw a string solar Powered Fairy Xmas lights for the first time and was impressed with convenience of solar lights. That day my neighbors put solar Powered Fairy Xmas lights on bushes on their front yard. Next day I was taking a walk and noticed no electric cords from lights to house. In about an hour (it was almost dark) Fairy Xmas lights were lit up, but I didn't found any cords again. Imagine how surprised I was! I use to spend hours every year to put cords neatly in my yard then hours to put them away until next year.

Next day the mystery was revealed – they were the SOLAR Powered lights. No extension cords, automatically turning ON and OFF, with rechargeable batteries working on solar power! My neighbors explained me how they work and I fell in love with solar lights forever.

YARILO Solar Powered Fairy Xmas Lights.
Solar Powered Fairy Xmas Indoor and Yard Light
10m 100LEDs, total 11.9M long
1000mAh 1.2V Ni-MH battery 2V, 150mA solar panel
lights color: Warm White
Cable Color: Dark green

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How to Buy Shades and Window Blinds

Whether you’re looking for style, aiming to increase privacy, or both, it can be a challenging task to choose the right window treatments that will best fit your needs. Should you purchase online, at a home center, or a specialty window blind store? How sheer or how formal you window treatment should be? The following are the things to consider when selecting window blinds and shades.

Blinds are an excellent choice if you’d like slats that that can be adjusted and tilted to let light in (or not). They offer plenty of privacy and a beautiful, clean custom fit. The prices for window blinds generally accelerate in this order: vinyl, aluminum, faux wood, and wood.

Wooden window blinds are available in dark and light hues and painted or polished finishes. They’re excellent for dens and offices. They aren’t recommended for the kitchen or the bath where moisture could damage the material over time. If you want the wooden look for these rooms, consider faux wood.

Blinds with wide horizontal slats make an illusion of more space and bigger windows in a small apartment or room.

Vertical blinds are excellent for windows that are wider than they’re tall. They’re perfect for sliding glass doors or for windows with a stunning view.

If you’re looking for style and versatility, the best choice is shades. They provide many ways to make various looks and moods using pattern, texture, and fabric weight. Woven wood, like bamboo, offers a natural-looking coverage. This works very well in breakfast nooks or garden rooms, when you usually need to filter out the light coming from the sun.

Tight weaves such as twill or micro suede offer great privacy because they are opaque. They work great in bathrooms and bedrooms, including guestrooms.

Roman shades offer soft, wide pleats that fold flat when they are being raised using a cord. They are great in family rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. The balloon where the fabric is collected into bouncy puffs make a very stylish statement and are a lovely touch for formal living rooms or sitting areas.

Honeycomb, also called cellular or cell, are designed with horizontal rows of air pockets (like the tight rows in the honeycomb of bees). This work well in keeping the heat in winter season and out during the warm months. Honeycomb is an excellent energy saver.

Blackout has a room-darkening fabric that blocks out up to 100% of light. It costs more than the traditional types. They’re great for media rooms, home theaters, and bedrooms.

Solar shades are made from a sheer weave that provides protection against harmful Ultra Violet rays but do not entirely block your view. They’re an excellent choice for children’s rooms, sunrooms, light-drenched offices, as well as dining areas.

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