Window Treatments: How to Choose The Best for Your Home

When you’re choosing window treatment for your home, you have a number of options to choose from. Before you’re shopping, know the things you must take into consideration. Are you looking for window shade that will regulate the level of light and heat in a room? Where do you want to install it, in in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or in a child’s room? What style works best with the decor of the space?

The main function of window coverings is to shade the window. Vinyl blinds such as Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds come in block-out types, which block out nearly all of the the light entering a room. These types are an excellent choice if you work during the night who sleeps during the day. Blocking the harsh ultra violet rays from the sun also protects furniture from fading, and keeps the temperature in a room lower by reducing the amount of sun’s incoming heat.

But if you still want to have some light inside a room, vinyl blinds and roller shades are available in a variety of light-filtering choices. These two are easy to lower and raise, if you want light seeping in in the morning, and shade from the harsh sunlight at midday.

If you have pets and/or children, keep safety in mind when looking for window shades. If you install rollers or blinds with a long cord, be aware that children and pets could become tangled in the cord. To avoid this risk, choose to install a special hardware that keeps the cord out of reach when it’s not in use. Or use a cordless type of blinds or shade such as the spring-loaded roller shades. Also, make sure that the installation of the hardware is secure, to minimize the risk of a child pulling the window shade down on top of himself or herself.

After thinking about the functional and practical side of window treatments, the next thing you should consider is the style. Do you wish to install the window treatment alone, or you plan to pair it with other window shades like curtains or valance? You could make your window treatment a bold focal point in the decor of your home by getting roller shades or blinds in a vibrant colour, or you could add richness and texture with one of the many wood options available. Choose a neutral colour if you like your window covering to blend nicely with the current home decor. If you live in an apartment, know if there are any requirements for the colour of window coverings before purchasing.

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Kitchen Renovation Advice to Help Sell Your Property Fast

All real estate experts agree that if you would like to resell your home, you have to feature your kitchen in good condition as kitchens are the heart of a household. As it is the part of the house that mainly endures wear and tear, it is a practical choice to commit early on kitchen remodeling. Most in demand enhancements are investing on stainless steel appliances and granite/marble counter-tops to enhance the aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, boosting its functionality with dual stoves and sinks, and mixing in details like under-cabinet lighting and installing new knobs, new faucets, etc.

1. Checking what you already have. If it is somewhat current and in fairly good condition, there is the choice of leaving it as is. You can undertake some simple updates like repainting or re-polishing cabinets and setting new knobs to give the kitchen a fresh look. Keep in mind not to waste money and overspend on your project, a safe cost estimate is not going over 10% of your property market price.

2. De-clutter your the kitchen area. The fundamental principle here is to not leave more than 2 items on the kitchen counter-top, but leave only the most useful items like a coffee pot. Then soften the spot with plants and flowers or a tray of fresh fruits.

3. Brush up the kitchen. Since kitchen spaces are one of the most used area in the house, it is also the dirtiest, so suit up and prepare yourself from some big scrubbing up. You may have to switch out run-down floor tiles or do a total revamp of your floors if necessary. Switch out old cabinets with modern-day styles or do economical updates like re-painting, sealing and polishing worn out cabinets. Check carefully for cracks and deal with it. When repainting, be very careful with your color selection and take note of what will appeal to most home buyers. Also check out what is popular or in style in the area when opting for a new look for your cabinets.

4. Mend and upgrade faucets and light fixtures especially if they are broken down and/or way too old and out of style. Modernizing the look of these fixtures will add to a higher resale value.

5. Opt for granite or marble counter-tops since most people want them and often look forward to them in most kitchens.

6. Bring some space. The kitchen is the busiest section and where the action is– for most homeowners at least. While big kitchens are status symbol, you don’t really need to go big; a practical efficient workspace might work just well where the stove, sink and refrigerator are just a number of steps away.

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Useful Pointers to Unclog Drains

Anyone knows that a clogged up drain is a real inconvenience in the household. Some people put off cleaning drains up till the water refuses to go down the drain completely for so various factors, though it is often when we are tight on funds to pay a local pluming company. Good news is there are some household solutions you can use before buying expensive chemicals or calling up your friendly neighborhood plumber.

You could readily unclog drains in just a couple of hours by following these simple tips. Just remember to put on rubber gloves to safeguard your hands from bacteria and gunk.

1. If you see grease is the culprit for slow-moving drain, you can put one-half cup of salt and half cup of baking soda into the drain. Follow this with a teakettle of bubbling water. It is most ideal to let the combination set overnight.

Making use of dish soap could often work. Put just a several spritz of dish soap afterwards follow it up with hot water.

Yet another well-liked home remedy is the baking soda and vinegar. Put one-half cup of baking soda to the drain and then one-half cup of vinegar. The 2 substances when put together will create froth and fumes. Don’t forget to cover the drain quickly or have a hand towel ready to mask your nose. Allow the solution sit for about 3 hours before putting hot water.

Always keep drains odor free and devoid of clog by using homemade cleaner once or twice a week. Mix together 1 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of cream of tartar, and 1 cup of salt. Stir the substances thoroughly and place it in a clean container. Put a quarter cup of the mix into drain followed promptly with a cup of steaming water. Then after 10 minutes, flush it with cold water. Flushing the sink with ample amount of steaming water once a week also suffices.

2. If your plumbings are obstructed with gunk and hair, you can use a leg hair remover (like Nair). Put about a container of the solution to the drain and allow it to stand for 30 minutes and then pour hot water.

3. An equipment that can help unclog drains is a plain plunger. As plunger is ordinarily for blocked commode, keep in mind to use a different one for your kitchen sink. Fill the kitchen sink with water up until the plunger crown is covered. Place petroleum jelly on the lip of the plunger for more ideal grip and seal. Put the plunger cup over the hole of the drain and vigorously pump back and forth (around a dozen strokes should suffice). Yank the plunger out promptly and water should gush out. If it does not work, go over again the course twice or thrice just before trying out a different method.

4. Another gadget to use is a plumber’s snake or auger to clear drainage. Insert and work the tube into the opening of the sink to get rid of clogs.

5. If you are not successful with the plumber’s snake, take out clean-out plug underneath the kitchen sink (make certain to put a bucket underneath the drain trap to begin with to catch water or gunk that could emerge out from it). Put in a wire or tube to push out the clog or put a water hose pipe into the drain and switch the water on to flush out obstructions.

If you are still experiencing problems with your drainage after undertaking every one of these techniques, then it is time to put your hands up and call your nearby plumbing contractor.

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