Securing Your Foundation Floor by Basement Waterproofing

Damaged basement floor is often a result of a poorly constructed basement foundation. A truth which so very often escapes our eyes. They tend to focus on the walls instead of the floor. This has been prevalent among houses with no proper drainage system. Marvel how water in the soil can cause such pressure to push up beneath the basement floor; that’s hydrostatic pressure in the works. Pushing restlessly to every corner and joints on its way to the foundation surfaces. It is for this very cause that basement waterproofing should not be taken lightly as not to find yourself awashed with damages extending to your foundation floor up to the walls.

Naturally, in undeveloped places groundwater and rain water by law of gravity moves up in such a haste. This goes to the underground reservoir or channels itself to the bigger body of water, such as spring,creeks and river. Thus when homebuilders so decide to mount that foundation where groundwater saturation is on a high note, expects a much interesting battle. Water which were once free are now faced with obstacles, that being the foundation walls. And a poorly planned drainage system will surely not see the light of day.

As it is, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So even before heavy rains touches ground, it is best to check around your foundation drainage system for that simple preventive maintenance. As you know it, that’s the least of your worry as hydrostatic pressure could have already put a dent in your basement walls and against the floor by way of some cracks, seeping moisture, mold and mildew build up. That could likely cost you a fortune if neglected for a long time.

Make sure that the basement footer drain tiles are in placed around your foundation, leading excess groundwater outside your territory and further preventing hydrostatic pressure on the walls and floor. Unless of course you home is a century old structure, it is never without a form of drainage constructed alongside your foundation. For that alone, a minimal repair and constant cleaning is all it takes to keep the cost very, very low.

But as nature puts it, dirt, tree roots and even broken tiles can change the flow of water as these becomes mini wall inside the clay footer drain tiles. It now goes up rather than flows outward. Nonetheless, should this occur, your friendly handyman in the neighborhood drain cleaning company can easily pinpoint the blockage by tapping on one small section of your drainage pipes surrounding your foundation. Easy fix without requiring a full excavation around the house.

Seal a basement waterproofing works to that water damaged walls and basement floor after scouting from various company which should provide with various free estimates to ponder on. Acting on it soonest before the worst should come should spell out a lot of savings.

Here’s a website that will give you more assistance on basement waterproofing and also on waterproofing basements