How to Select Window Blinds for Different Window Types

Selecting which window coverings work perfectly for the kind of windows you have could be a challenge. So here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect ones.

Windows With a Great View

If you are concerned about obstructing the nice scenic view outside your house, choose window treatments that can be pulled up completely (if they’ll be mounted inside your window frame). Honeycomb shades are a popular choice in this case. Also, the down-bottom up feature makes honeycomb shades very versatile, with regards to providing both an unobstructed view and privacy.

An option is to mount your shades or blinds outside the frame of the window. For example, with the blinds mounted above the opening of the window, any products could be completely raised so it is entirely stored above the actual window, giving you 100% of the nice view.

Huge Windows

When you’re attempting to cover very long and wide windows, the weight of the blinds can become an important factor to consider when speaking about lowering and raising the blinds. The weight will make the operation of the window blinds difficult, and it can overload the device for lowering and raising, and could result in malfunctioning. Fortunately, there are some options available to avoid this from happening.

Blinds with continuous cord loop are a good option. Such type of blinds will make the blinds a lot easier to raise and lower. Some window blinds have a cordless option which likewise makes the operation of window blinds a lot easier. Another option is dividing one big window blind into multiple window blinds on just one headrail. Or you can also order several window blinds then install them side-by-side.

If you have a number of windows within one opening, divide up the window blinds to line up with the multiple windows. When you are going for this option, purchase one valance (also called “common valance”) to cover all headrails and deliver a unified look.

French Doors

Grooming doors isn’t much different from dressing up windows. In fact the blinds you mount for your windows could also work well for your doors. So, if you’re looking for a consistent look in your room, install the same type of blinds for your doors.

If you are concerned your window blinds flopping around as the closes or opens, hold down brackets will solve such problem. Make sure you specify these when you purchase new window blinds. This free option could be fastened easily at the bottom of the door.

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