Ways to Care for Your Lawn

One of the greatest ways to make your lawn look good and healthy is by properly maintaining it. Here are some helpful ideas on how to maintain your lawn.

Water your lawn. The rule is to water your lawn heavily when it really needs it, instead of watering it lightly but frequently. Watering your lawn lightly hinders the water from penetrating the soil deeply. You should see to it that the water soaks for about 6 to 8 inches down the soil to help the roots to thrive deep underground. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper for a healthier and more established root system.

Regular mowing helps in reducing the workload of the root system. As the grass grows higher, it will need to have additional water and nutrients that comes from the ground. If the culm is small, it would be a lot easier for the roots to provide what the grass needs. Mowing also assists in making your lawn grow healthy as it decreases the chances of development of weeds and various diseases.

The regular application of fertilizer incorporates more nutrients which the plants need to grow healthy. Although your soil may have the ability to provide nutrients for native plants by itself, it may still require help in feeding your grass.

Due to mowing and foot traffic, soil sometimes become pressed together which stops the oxygen from reaching the microorganisms that help in breaking down the organic elements that enrich the soil. It is very important to aerate your lawn routinely to expose the compressed soil which helps you keep your lawn healthy.

In every lawn, thatch components are typically gathered around the lawn. Thatch is made up of grass crowns and culms which withered in a natural way. Modest amounts of thatch help in saving the water in the soil by preventing evaporation, while heavy thatches hinder water and air from reaching the soil. So, if there’s a lot of thatch in your lawn, make sure to rake it up or rent a de-thatcher!

Weeding is a long process. But it will become less time consuming once you’ve created a healthy lawn. Grass is very competitive and it will certainly crowd out the weeds. If a massive amount of weeds appear, it means that your grass is growing weaker. This may just mean that your grass is cut too low or it lacks adequate nutrients from the soil. If a slight amount of weeds surface on your lawn, just pull them up. In case you encounter a larger volume of weeds, kill them with a low toxicity herbicide.

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