Creating A Visual Impact With Your Stair’s Iron Balusters

When building a new home or renovating your current one, you’re bound to be focused on the design details that will make up the overall look of your home. While you need to start with the concept for the overall interior design, you also need to find out how your staircase would look like. There are different parts of the stairs that you need to decide on, from the overall look of your stairs, the type of wood that you would like to use for the steps, the type of railing and the balusters. Instead of an all wooden staircase, you can opt to install iron balusters instead of wooden ones. The more traditional wood is being replaced by the iron variety for different reasons. For some, the iron type of balusters feature great architectural detail, with many design options to choose from. Some of the design themes for these balusters made of iron include Mediterranean, Gothic, round, panels, twist and basket, oversize, belly, newel, knuckle, scroll and ribbon, providing you with options that can fit your design needs. If you can’t find your baluster design of choice, you can have a set custom made according to your specifications. These balusters can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Once you have chosen the balusters to use in or outside of your home, then you should start considering the handrails for your stairs. There are different wood stair railings that you can install in your home. These wood railings are made from different types of hard wood, such as red oak, cherry, poplar hard maple, white oak, white pine, yellow pine, hickory, ash, antique hard pine and birch. Make sure to check the lead time ordering for the railings, because some wood require a longer time to undergo the manufacturing process. If you want to use a type of hard wood that’s not part of a company’s list of options, then you can order custom made railings. You also have the option to order custom bending handrails that will fit perfectly with how your stairs are formed.

These stair railings made from wood and balusters made from iron are available from companies that specialize in fine wood and iron stair components. You can expect to find plenty of stair railing options, which you can browse at the companies’ sites. The wide range of selections from these companies can include wood stair balusters, stair treads and risers, stair moldings, turned or box newel posts, and other accessories that you can possibly need to build the perfect set of indoor or outdoor stairs.