DIY Shower Stall Refinishing

Refinishing is the perfect way to take your shower stall from old and ugly to shiny and new. There are two different choices for shower stall refinishing. The first is to hire a professional refinisher. If you have never done a refinishing job before, this is definitely the best route to take. Having said that, there are always those do-it-yourselfers who refuse to let someone else do the job for them. Here are some tips for those people:

Cleaning Tips:

Cleansing is the first step of refinishing. I warn you now – if you skip this step, you will be very disappointed in your final results. The first step to clean your stall is to remove any old caulking. Then, using a regular household cleanser, remove as much dirt and grime as you can. When finished, clean the shower stall again, this time using a trisodium phosphate.


De-glossing is another step of refinishing. To do this, you can use a very fine sandpaper or a type of steel wool.

You will want to continue scrubbing the stall until it becomes very dull looking. When you are complete, vacuum and clean again. Last but not least, using tarps and tape, cover any fixtures that are located near the stall. This will prevent them from incurring spray spots during the process.

Refinishing Your Stall

Regardless of what type of paint you are using to refinish your shower stall, you will want to make certain that you wear the proper protective gear. Before you even begin to load your spray gun, be sure that you are wearing your respirator and a pair of goggles. Refinishing paints contain toxic fumes, so never begin without your gear. To ensure the job gets done properly, follow the instructions in your refinishing kit to a tee

In sum…

There are plenty of shower stall refinishing kits available on the market. If you want to refinish your own shower stall, use the tips above and follow the instructions within your kit. For those who do not insist on doing it themselves, hire a professional. If you are inexperienced and attempt to refinish it yourself, you could end up making it look worse than it did in the first place. A professional will ensure that it gets done properly, making your shower stall look like new!

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