Split System Air Conditioning vs. Window Type Air Conditioning

When it is sweltering outside, going inside a cold air conditioned room gives you instant relief and for the moment, unparalleled pleasure. Except for the occasional centralized air conditioning, most residential homes use window type or split air conditioners. Some may choose to go for window-type air conditioners because it is more convenient–this usually happens when it is a small room with a prior hole near the window that is specifically for that purpose–while others go for split system air conditioning because of its many advantages.

Split air conditioners are used to cool small to medium-sized spaces. It normally consists of two units namely the air handler and the condenser. The air handler is stored indoors while the condenser is outside. You can hook up a single air handler to the condenser. You can also hook multiple air handlers up to just one condenser while cooling different areas in your home. Here are three more reasons why you should invest in split air conditioners.

It does not require duct work or renovations to your space.
Window types may be less expensive, but they are also limited to areas near the window, which can ruin your interior decoration. If you are installing a window type air conditioner for the first time, you will definitely have to create a hole on your wall big enough to accommodate it, too. You do not need a hole in the wall for split system air conditioning, however, you may require help from a professional so you do not accidentally start an electrical fire. Sure, it is tempting to go at it the DIY way, but if you are not an electrician or an HVAC technician, you could be setting yourself up for trouble down the line.

It is not that noisy.
One key distinction between a split air conditioner and window type one is that the former has its condenser outside where you cannot hear the noise. Window type aircons have the condenser, the one that makes the loud noise, inside the main unit. This is the main reason why split types have steady hum while window types have vibrations that can wake up the dead. If the humming sound still bothers you though, you can also install sound barriers and fences.

It is energy efficient.
If there are areas where cold air and hot air can leak in and out of the room, the space becomes inefficient in maintaining the desired temperature. Cooling the space can be harder and longer for the air conditioner to do. Window type and centralized air conditioning are notorious for allowing hot air to escape through ducts and gaps in the wall, making it less energy efficient than split types.

You can consult with an HVAC expert in Air Conditioning Brisbane if this will be a problem. split system air conditioners are energy efficient, quiet, and not hard to install. One way to ensure that your split system air conditioners is optimized for your space is to get help from an HVAC technician.

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