Important Deck Building Tips and Guidelines

Building a deck is actually pretty difficult. But, you can accomplish it with mere basic carpentry skills and the these helpful tips:

1. Use pressure treated wood.

First, you must use pressure treated lumberwood. Do not purchase regular 2×4’s, as these only give you a deck that will last for a couple of years only. If you do not prefer the idea of buying pressure treated wood, then consider investing in a higher quality wood such as redwood or cedar. Oftentimes, pressure treated wood is no longer manufactured with the substance called arsenic, making it safe and durable. While it’s significantly less expensive to use non-pressure treated wood, in the long run you would need to spend more money, as you’ll have to make some repair to or replace some components or your whole deck.

2. Use the right type of nails and screws.

Some deck building codes require stainless steel or a very specific type of galvanized screw. This is if you’re using pressure treated wood. Some steel types could corrode the wood, causing weak joints. So check building codes before building your deck.

3. Measure.

Measure the wood when you’re at the store before before purchasing it. For example, if you need 10 feet long boards, you have to measure to be sure that they’re they’re what you need exactly. If the boards are 9 feet 1 inch long each, you’ll need to spend your precious effort and time cutting off the extra 1 inch from each of the boards.

4. Check with your local codes.

Know if you must have a building permit, as most cities do require such document. Contact your local inspection office for you to learn the important things you should do. You will spend more if you don’t follow your local codes. They can be very specific in terms of the size of post you must use, and even the types of fasteners.

5. Do not forget, bark side up!

When putting together your deck boards, do not forget, “bark side up”. Orient each board so the end grain growth rings curve upward. Cupping will happen if you don’t do so; and rain water will pool in the middle and can’t drain off your deck boards.

If you want your deck to last for a long period of time, you should choose materials wisely, especially the type of wood you’ss use. Get premium quality and affordable Dandenong timber supplies from Serano Timber. Visit their website to learn where and how to get these quality wood for deck building: http://www.seranotimber.com.au/.

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