How to Refurbish the Shutters

How to Refurbish the Shutters

The most common and most used shutters are vinyl and wooden shutters. Vinyl shutters are long lasting and strong as compared to wooden shutters. Wooden shutters are not that stiff and sturdy. Unlike vinyl shutters, wooden shutters need frequent maintenance and repair to keep them serving the purpose. Vinyl shutters loose color over time and need to repaint before more damage is done to the surface.

Shutters are important part of your home and add glare to your home appearance. But due to exposure to direct sunlight and environmental factors, they tend to fade away in color and often worn. At this point they need immediate consideration to restore the lost strength and shape.

Required Items

–    Auto filler
–    Bucket
–    Exterior latex paint
–    Exterior latex primer
–    150-grit sandpaper
–    Paintbrush
–    Phillips head screwdriver
–    Sawhorses
–    Scrub brush
–    Trisodium phosphate


Vinyl Shutters

1.    Shutters are usually attached to the siding with four or six Philips head screws. Unfasten the screws with Philips head screwdriver. Begin with the bottom screws and

2.    Remove the shutters. The shutters are secured to the siding with four or six Phillips head screws. Start with the bottom screws and work your way to the top. Place the screws in a container and mark each shutter on the back to help you remember where it goes.