Construction Tape Measure – Ergonomic Design Saves Your Body

Revealing Handgun Pac 3-in-1 Measuring tape made for carpentry and home construction jobs. Many tape measures at construction job sites are based on designs from the late 1800’s. Now you can have a contemporary measuring tape with built in chalk line and a light, with a handgun grip. You will immediately notice your work got easier, and you can produce even more each day.

Task sites are tough on carpenter’s bodies. All that raising bending, and operating devices takes it’s toll over time. t It is very important you take care of yourself, and use every labor conserving gadget to make your work easier.

The Handgun Pac 3-in-1 measuring tape is a really practical device for reducing tension and strain on your system.

Can a much better made measuring tape really leave you feeling better at the end of the day?
Created by a carpenter who wanted to minimize wear and tear on his body. The outcome is this rugged measuring tape, ergonomically made to minimize strain on your back, wrist, hand, and eyes. Feel better at the end of the day; less beat up, aching, and tired. It will help you move much faster and get even more done with less effort.
The trademarked handgun grip lets you lug the measure easily with 2 or 3 fingers. Gripping a conventional large measure needs muscle and pressures tendons and ligaments in your wrist, hand, and lower arm. You will be surprised how much better you feel due to the handgun grip.
Operating the thumb lock needs half the effort conventional measures need. The easy brake switch is best where your thumb sits normally.
The built-in 50′ snap chalk line is easily removable, consisting of an efficiently running reel. and the chalk refill port ahead makes refilling easy. The built-in light illuminates your measure, so you get easy, accurate measurements even in those dark corners and closets.
Huge, clear tape markings include no-thought-required labels on each of the eighths, and brilliant red 16 inch marks.
The steel tape is high quality, with a magnetic tape head protected by 3 steel rivets, for many years of precision.

The case is made from rugged ABS that can take a whipping.

You will never cut yourself with the effective tape return, because your fingers are nowhere near the rewinding steel tape.
Over 5,000 of these have been sold at fairs and trade shows, because people enjoy them.

You will desire these for your whole team, so order a couple today to get complimentary shipping!

Get yours now at amazon.com/Labor-Saving-Pistol-Detachable-Quick-Reel-Production/dp/B00LI7B5NU/tape measure/

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