Article On Caring For Rustic Furniture

Rustic design is fast becoming the main design scheme even in urban areas. Every person wants a styled urban home featuring rustic furniture . Many owners of apartments and condominiums want rustic furnishings as well. Getting rid of the old furniture and buying new ones has become obsolete. The choice to go rustic may be driven by economic circumstances. Many rustic furniture pieces are available in flea markets. People who are still recovering from being thrown out by their mortgage lenders can only afford to buy old furniture for now.

Furniture that will keep for a long time are a must. Pay attention to carvings because they add interesting facets to old furniture. Among the in demand items are tables with shapely legs. Huge armoires are also available for people who have room for these things. Some homes use twigs as design items in order to attain that rustic ambiance.

Beware that rustic furniture may not be as sturdy as the plastic ones you can buy from a design shop. With enough wear and tear, expect the organic material in the wood to start rotting. There are many reasons why you need to take care of your rustic furniture. You have to understand that furnishings are investments you have made in the past.


1. Termite Control

Termite exterminators are a dime a dozen. If you can’t afford the professional services, spray anti-termite solutions on your furnishings regularly. At the first sign of termites, spray anti-termites to get the eggs at least. Modern ways to kill termites include spraying and fumigation. Tiny holes and black powder that looks like rotted wood pieces can be a sign of termite infestation.

2. Cover Them With Fabric

Fabric or upholstery can cover many imperfections in your furnishings. The texture and color of the fabric can make a huge difference in the design you’re going for. Seasonal themes can be created using fabric. Use red and green for Christmas. For Valentines, use hear designs and pink fabric. Use your imagination and create more themes.

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