DIY: Make Angel Eyes LED Lighting Rings

LED lights not only seem to be cool, they can be also eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and last much longer than most bulbs for sale. Learn to make angel eye rings for your Sports car headlights using LED light bulbs.

Difficulty: Moderate. You’ll use a soldering gun, drill and Draper tools or other power tools for this work. Seek help if this is the first time you’re using these instruments.

You will need: LED light bulbs (2x 3.6 v, 20mA), resistor (270 ohms), small blind rod (light weight aluminum replacement rod), 24-gauge stranded twine, soldering gun and solder, Ryobi tools with cut-off wheel attachment, drill together with drill bit #150, pliers for trimming wires, reflective tape, translucent tape/painter’s tape, aluminum foil, heat shrink tubing, jar cover (the same diameter as the ring), scissors, 12 V regulated power supply, oven.

Mold the Ring

To begin with, assess the diameter of your lamps. We’ll be needing a 4-inch diameter band for this study course. After calculating, get a small blind rod. One mini rod creates two rings. For a 4″ diameter bulb, the rod has to be 12.5″ long (use this method: Length = 3.14 times diameter). Add about 2 extra inches for handles. Cut the rod using Ryobi tool with a cut-off rim attachment.

To enhance ring brightness, we should instead make tiny cuts along the plane (back) side of the band. These cuts will refract illumination toward the front section for greater night time vision. Use the Dremel gadget to make cuts 1.5 mm apart. Continue preparing cuts until you reach the other side of the ring.

Drill the Hole

We’re now ready to attach the LED light bulbs. Drill an opening on each edge of the rod to go with a LED light bulb inside. Employ drill bit #150, and set to 6000 RPM. To prevent the rod from melting, pull out the bit as you go to let it cool. Repeat the procedure until you come up with a LED light bulb-sized hole. The LED light bulb should firmly fit.

Remove the LED light bulb thereby making the hole far more invisible by applying a little amount of clear nail polish within the hole. This permits substantially more light to go through. Wait a little for the polish to dry before re-inserting the LED bulb. Check the bulb with a 12 V adjusted power supply.

To capture the LED light and make it evident even during daylight, use aluminum foil or just reflective tape. Enclose the foil all around the uncut part of the ring and conceal with heat shrink tubing. Heat the tubing in its place. Keep track of the ring on reflective tape then cut out. Peel off and then stick like glue the tape on the back side of the ring.

Wire the LED lights

Apply a resistor (270 ohms). Fasten the two LED light bulbs in a series connection by attaching the negative leg of one LED bulb carefully to the positive leg of the other LED bulb. Remove one end of a 24-gauge cord and wrap it around the negative leg of the first LED bulb. Solder into place using soldering gun. Remove the other end of the same twine and wrap it all-around the positive terminal of the second LED. Solder directly into place.

Shorten a second wire and put it around the negative terminal of the second LED, and solder with each other. Bring the end of the second twine back to the other edge of the ring. Tape the two wire connections together on the back side of the ring with painter’s blue tape. Cut off the LED bulb terminal legs. At this time you have a single positive with single negative terminal on one side of the band. Assess it out using a power supply.

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