How to Safely Prune Trees

Most homeowners try to get their own gardens and lawns snipped and pruned in order for them to save some dollars. Pruning larger trees by your own may be dangerous and even fatal. So before dealing with the risks associated with tree maintenance, try to urge yourself and discover more about these safety tips for tree pruning.

Have a look at power cables before trimming a tree. Hire an expert tree service company if the cables are very close to the tree you wish to prune. Those power lines can surely electrocute anyone and lead to major accidents even death. Thus, it is safer to prune far from any wiring system or better yet call in the experts.

Being stung by a bee is common especially when working with trees. In order to avoid getting stung, put on some insect repellent lotion and check the location for bees. Also try applying a wasp killer, but if the nest is too big, it is much better to find a professional to remove the nest. Being stung by wasps, bees and other insects could be very risky even more so when you’ve been stung numerous times. You also will have to be mindful of snakes when trimming around tall grass and bushes.

Dropping off a step ladderis one of the most popular reasons for pruning accidents. Always install your ladder in a proper angle and do not make use of worn-out and rusty ladders which could easily break once you put your weight on it.
Wear appropriate protective clothing, working gloves, and long jeans to prevent chafing and gashes. So as to secure your eyes, use shatterproof glass and for heavier pruning, use a safety helmet that has a thick visor to protect your head from falling wood and flying chips. Moreover, to protect your feet and toes, use a pair of safety shoes.

If the tree is very tall and you can’t have it cut with both feet intact on the ground, get in touch with a skillful arborist to accomplish the task for you. Unless you’re a professional arborist do not cut back a tree from a step ladder to keep from finding yourself on a clinic bed.

Know the temperature level outdoors. Give yourself plenty of drinking water and make sure you consider taking breaks every couple of minutes. Arm yourself with a cap or a bandanna. You might experience a heatstroke when doing the job underneath a scorching hot sun. Once you seem unsteady, put yourself to solid ground as fast as you can and rest. Call a doctor if you must.

Most people have the tendency to take one hand away the ladder to rub away the perspiration when sweating which leads them to being in a bad position. In the event you have lost your balance, never try to twist over one side of the ladder.

Accidents and further costs can be avoided if you hire a professional tree pruning or expert tree removal Perth services. Visit the WA Treeworks website to know more about safe tree maintenance procedures.

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