YARILO 100 bulbs Solar Charged Mini String Lights for Indoor and Wedding

Decorating with solar lights is one of the most rewarding things you can do to make your home and yard outstanding. The easiest way to make a quick and attractive decoration is using a Christmas lights lights. Those could be used outside or inside and they just need a daylight to work.

A few years ago I saw a string solar Charged Fairy Xmas lights for the first time and was impressed with convenience of solar lights. That day my friends put solar Charged Fairy Xmas lights on bushes on their front yard. Next day I was taking a walk and noticed no electric wires from lights to house. In about an hour (it was almost dark) Fairy Stringwere lit up, but I didn't found any wires again. Imagine how surprised I was! I use to spend hours every year to put wires neatly in my yard then hours to put them away until next year.

Next day the mystery was revealed – they were the SOLAR Charged lights. No extension cords, automatically turning ON and OFF, with solar charged batteries working on solar power! My friends explained me how they work and I fell in love with solar lights forever.

YARILO Solar Charged Fairy Xmas Lights.
Solar Charged Fairy Xmas Home and Wedding Light
10m 100LEDs, total 11.9M long
1000mAh 1.2V Ni-MH battery 2V, 150mA solar panel
lights color: Warm White
wire Color: Dark green

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