The Use of Rustic Furniture in Country Decor

Country decor is popular but most people don’t know what it is. Country decor is all about quaintness. Your decor should welcome a guest to your home. There is nothing pretentious about country decor. The ambiance and warmth is all that matters.

Country decor does not mean drab furniture brought together by an unimaginative mind. Many designers strive to strike a balance between country decor and sophisticated modern decor. One element that is very important in country decor is rustic furniture choices. The suitability of a furniture piece in a room is crucial.

When designing a country home, there are many challenges to surmount. One is maintenance and upkeep of the furniture. Maintenance of wooden and aging furniture will definitely take skills.

Adding varnish is not just for aesthetic purposes. You add varnish to protect a piece from spillage and scratches. Pigment can cover up construction mistakes, and even scratches.

Some products for varnishing contain paint and varnish. The transparent variety is most likely pure varnish. Rusticity of the piece may have been the very reason why you got it, so if you don’t want to change the color, get the transparent varnish type. Some wood types in particular, don’t look great with color on them. Whatever you do, make sure the natural glow of the wood stays.

The first mistake you can make about country decor is thinking that everything must be in earth tones. Some amateur designers mistakenly connect country decor with colors of the environment. Although this may be true in most cases, you don’t have to let this limit your use of color. Add fabric to create a color tone that satisfies you. To remove the limit of what color you can use, you need to find out more about upholstery of vintage pieces.

Using rustic furniture can be really nice. Check them out.

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