Caring For Rustic Furniture And Maintaining A Quaint Country Decor

Many homeowners turn to rustic country decor for practical purposes. Yard sales and flea markets are filled with second hand wooden furniture . Most of the designer rustic furnitures are well-refurbished versions. With patience and know-how, you too can create your own masterpieces.

Country decor is really all about what works for you. If your taste is undeniably rustic, you won’t learn much about design by browsing the glossy pages of home decor magazines.

You can be sophisticated without going overboard when it comes to rustic furniture design. Use color to breathe life into the furniture pieces. Replace your carpets with fine wood. A good color scheme for a country home does not mean using a few colors only. Colors can vary in intensity and depth. Let the rustic ambiance of the wood tie everything together.

Sanding and lacquering are skills you will need for decorating a country home. they will inevitably rot because they are organic and are therefore susceptible to organism attacks.

Termites love country homes for obvious reasons. Once they’re in your walls, they will soon be in your furniture. Termites will greatly reduce the value of your home, and the next owners would realize that they have to deal with these things because you didn’t.

Does all these sound like too much work? Antiques and furnishings are a sound investment. Invest on a beautiful home with beautiful furnishings. You can increase your home’s resale value just by doing these things.

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