Paint Zoom Reviews – What’s It Really Like To Use? Get The Real Facts Here.

Are you wondering whether to buy Paint Zoom? Are you looking for honest information before you buy Paint Zoom? If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place Welcome to Paint Zoom Reviews.

We’ll consider what Paint Zoom is, how it operates, any possible benefits and whether it’s any good compared to other paint sprayers on the market. You’ll also find honest reviews from people who have used it and where you can buy Paint Zoom for the best possible price.

What is Paint Zoom?

Paint Zoom is light and easy to use paint sprayer. It weighs just 4 pounds which makes it portable and easy to use. Do paint sprayers really make painting easier than using brushes or rollers? It can do but only once you have done all the preparation. Paint Zoom can make it easier and quicker to apply paint without all the strain and fatigue on your arm muscles. First you have to get the preparation right.

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How Does Paint Zoom Work?

Paint Zoom’s 650 watt motor is connected to a pump motor.. This generates power to spray paint from the cannister through the hose and paint nozzle. You then just simply press the spray gun trigger from a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the surface and apply a thin and even spray on the first coat..

The Truth About Paint ZoomPaint Zoom Reviews

Paint Zoom is designed more with the small to medium sized paint jobs in mind.. If you are using Paint Zoom to paint all your walls, bear in mind that you have to refill and clean the nozzle and cannister quite a few times. This requires additional effort but with the right planning it is feasible..

For bigger painting projects, you need a larger paint sprayer like the Graco Magnum X5 or the Wagner which are designed for heavier use. However, Paint Zoom is great for everyday home use because of it’s lightness and portability. .

What Is Paint Zoom Good For?

Small projects could include chairs, bannisters, railings, etc…Medium sized projects could be a wall, desks, cabinets and chairs..

Paint Zoom is good for most home owners, wood workers and handymen who want a simple way of painting around the house. It will not magically paint your house for you but will make painting easier and more efficient once you have made the necessary preparations. Paint Zoom comes with a great price, too!

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