Three Popular Home Theater Systems In The Spotlight

The thing you’ll notice with this model is that costs considerably more than the above mentioned Denon. However, with the Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Theater System, you are definitely getting something for all that money.

I seriously doubt you’ll find a system that’s easier to set up than this one. It even carries out a number of settings on your behalf. For example, you can put on the supplied headphones and then have the system sync its speakers as you sit in different areas of the room. This means you are then left with a system that’s been uniquely set for your room. The resultant sound quality, is simply out of this world.

As with the Denon we looked at, there have been very few negative comments regarding this system, although some people do feel you need to have it quite loud before you get good bass. Also, there are no spare audio outlets, which obviously means that you cannot tie other speakers into the system.