Different Kinds of Wood for Your Paling Fence

Wood has been the main material used for fencing for centuries now, and is still the material of choice for paling fences today. It’s a fact that wood fences don’t last forever, but it is still preferred by many over aluminum or say, vinyl or any other materials. Wood is readily available at a very low cost. Nothing comes close to the classic appearance and feel of paling fences. If you’re looking for the best wood to use for your fence, here is a list that will definitely come in handy.

Redwood Fence

Used for all components of your paling fence, redwood has different grades suitable for the different fencing parts. Lower grade redwood is suitable for fence paneling. Construction or clear heart wood grade are tough and make excellent posts. Quality redwood usually have deep red tones and has rot and insect repellent properties. To retain color and extend fence life, clear or stain finish the redwood. If left unstained, redwood may lose its reddish color and become grayish. Redwood is a kind of softwood that is mainly considered the priciest type of wood you can have in decks and paling fences.

Cedar Wood Fence

This kind of wood for paling fence can be purchased in varying wood grades . It consists of inherent wood oil and acids that helps preserve itself and repel insects as well. Tough and durable, cedar doesn’t warp easily compared to other woods used in paling fences. Cedar is usually almost half the cost of redwood and about twice the cost of lumber that is pressure treated.

Cypress Wood Fence

Southern cypress (a.k.a Bald cypress) is a usual choice for a fencing material generally found in the Southern states and preferred more than cedar and redwood. It also possesses a tan/red color but lighter than redwood along the same rot and insect repellant properties. Bald cypress is best used in the structural and ornamental sections of your paling fence, and is a cost-friendly choice among Americans in the Southeastern states.

Pressure-treated Wood

This type of wood consists of largely southern yellow pine and is always regarded the most inexpensive wood to use for fencing, costing half the price the wood mentioned above. Most wood under this type need chemicals to preserve it and keep insects at bay. Until recently, Micronized Copper Quarternary (MCQ) is used to treat this wood type along with other chemicals like Alkaline Copper Quarternary (ACQ), and Copper Azole (CA). Pressure treated wood often comes with a lifetime but limited warranty and can this wood type can live up to 20+ years.

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