Special 3 Pack Offer of Utility Knives – The Most Useful House Improvement Tool

Utility knives, AKA box cutters, are a simple tool, the tool of the working man, but today's razor blade knife is so much more. New models, like the Cutter Master Maxx brand, offer functions and advantages that make the common razor blade knife the best tool for a wide range of jobs for the home or office. Exactly what's different about the Cutter Master? These are simply a few of the functions that make this certain utility knife so much better than a standard box cutter.

Ergonomic Handle

The most obvious difference between the Cutter Master and other razor knives is the shape of the handle. The case is formed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, making it much easier to grip and maneuver around curves and angles. Anybody who has actually ever aimed to cut through much heavier products with a standard box cutter tool knows instantly what a benefit this is. The wide, curved handle permits a firmer grip and more control, and is far much safer than the smallermore typical straight handle found on even the more expensive razor blade knives. This single feature makes the Cutter Master worth its weight in gold to anyone who makes use of a utility knife routinely in the course of their work or pastime endeavors.

Grip-Tight Form

The handle form likewise includes grid-like scoring along the edge to make the knife much easier to grip and hold. The textured grip implies that the hand does not slip even under damp and in generally slippery conditions. Anybody who has actually ever aimed to cut craft products or utilize a utility knife outdoors in the rain will absolutely appreciate the grip-tight form feature.

Heavy Duty Blades

It does not get a lot more aggravating than having a utility blade snap off in the middle of a cut. The Cutter Master Maxx includes a heavy duty stainless steel blade that just snaps off when you desire a brand-new sharp section of the blade. The 18mm wide blade is scored at routine intervals so that it can be snapped off for a fresh cut when needed. However the sturdy steel casing ensures that the blade will certainly never break while it's in use.

In addition, the sharp, sturdy blade is perfect for cutting much heavier products, including drywall, fabric, plastic, twine, thin veneer, cork board, acetate and more. It's the perfect razor knife for the crafter and hobbyist who needs a heavier blade and easy maneuverability.

Easy-Lock Slider

The very best utility knives have a slide system that permits the blade to be extended to the ideal length and secured place to avoid slipping. The Cutter Master goes a step additionally by positioning the slider button and lock in easy reach to permit one handed extension and retraction. The ability to extend and pull back the blade with one hand boosts security and convenience.

Three for One

Every major crafter or home handy person knows that one razor knife is never ever enough. That's why the Cutter Master Maxx comes in a useful three-pack, so there's always one close and handy when it's needed.
Standard box cutters and razor knives, it's time to move over. The Cutter Master Maxx is the most recent essential tool for anyone that has to routinely cut and trim products in their work or home.

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Solid, safe and effective set of 3 big Cutter razor knives. Each of the 3 razor cutters are the exact same big 6.5 inch size. These are versatile razor blade cutters and each come full with a currently consisted of long razor blade that has actually a scored snap off feature for easy blade renewal.
The strong reinforced ergonomic curved handles to hold a self contained stainless steel razor blade chamber that has an all metal ratcheted secure lock slider for additional security and more accuracy in cutting.
The Cutter Master easily cuts: cardboard, rubber, cork board, acetates, linoleum, carpeting, thin veneer, foam board, dry wall, roof, flooring and other commercial applications and so on
. These cutters feature an all stainless steel rachet auto-lock slider with an automatic blade lock function. The stainless steel blade housing keeps the blade locked into place much better for security than other cheaper brands of cutters.
These reliable and effective razor blade knives are designed for security and long lasting usage. They include a huge hang hole for hanging in storage when not in use.
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