Home Staging: 15 Tips on Making Small Room Look Bigger

There are many ways of making your small room look a lot bigger than it really is. Check out the tips below.

1. For your draperies or curtains, get the same colour as your walls. This way, contrast to the space can be avoided.

2. Allow as much natural light as possible in your room. Light from the sun will open up the space.

3. Choose armchairs, couches, or sofas that are raised on legs to create a sense of space.

4. Get rid of clutters. Dispose anything you have not used for a year or so. Make storage wherever necessary.

5. Paint your walls with neutral or light colours. Try white, pale blue, light green, beige, or cream. Dark colours tend to make a space look smaller.

6. Consider multifunctional furniture like a custom-made sofa with a wooden base you can use as a bookshelf; or an ottoman with a storage inside or which you can use as a seat or a coffee table.

7. Consider using stackable pieces of furniture or those with wheels so when they are not in use you can easily push them aside to provide more space when needed.

8. Invest in built-in bookshelves or bay seats.

9. Hang or install huge mirrors or a set of smaller mirrors. These will reflect light into your room and make it look larger.

10. Consider floor to ceiling or wall to wall bookcase.

11. Get rid of as many interior doors as possible, or just use pocket doors. To make your room look bigger, your doors should be as wide and as tall as possible.

12. For big pieces of furniture, it is best to push them against the wall.

13. Choose bigger tiles and install them diagonally to make your room appear more spacious.

14. Choose good light fixtures. Be sure that your space if sufficiently illuminated. Poor lighting can make your space look smaller. Make sure you have three kinds of lighting: overhead lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and table or wall lighting. Have a total of 100 watts for each square feet.

15. Paint the wall of your small room with the same colour as the one adjacent to it. This way, you are creating a seamless look that will make the two spaces look one big space.

If you are thinking of a resale in the future, these tips about house staging will surely speed up the sale and give you with the best price possible.

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